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Campus Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols for Covid-19


Campus cleaning and disinfecting is an important part of your maintenance project. Whether you're working with a professional service or working on your own, it's important to ensure you know the cleaning and disinfecting protocols for your area.

The cleaning protocols for campuses have changed since the dawn of Covid-19. With new virus variants popping up, it's a good idea to keep up-to-date on all new guidelines. The pressure washing experts at Mister Blaster Pressure Cleaning ensure we adhere to Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

Our campus cleaning and disinfecting service does more than just wash away visible dirt. We utilize pressure washing and soft washing services to break down dirt, bacteria, and pathogens on the surface of your buildings.

In our case, cleaning and disinfecting are separate. Cleaning reduces the germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces by using biodegradable cleaners and water sprays.

Disinfecting works to kill (or inactive) germs on surfaces or objects. The chemicals used for disinfecting break down germ molecules and leave your surfaces thoroughly clean.

Why Work With Professionals?

Cleaning and disinfecting is something you do inside your home and office all the time. So, why do you need to invest in a professional campus cleaning and disinfecting service? Why not have your family or employees do the work?

The truth is that cleaning and disinfecting can be dangerous. The chemicals and cleaners used to break down bacteria and other contaminants are often toxic. Working with a professional will keep your properties clean and safe for everyone.

Another great reason to work with a pressure washing professional is that our experts know what cleaning products work best on each surface on your campus. We provide individual assessments for each cleaning project to ensure you're getting the best cleaning options available for your properties.

If you're looking for a campus cleaning and disinfecting service that will adhere to Covid-19 protocols and CDC guidelines, it's time to call Mister Blaster Pressure Cleaning today to set up an appointment.

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